Surroundings of Cómpeta

Where to eat and drink in Cómpeta?

Restaurant La Tappería, located 2 minutes away at the village square, a popular low cost restaurant.

Restaurant Períco, also located at the village square with a large terrace, simple and good.

Restaurant El Pilón, at a stone's throw from Mesón La Hospedería and Granada Residence, offers a nice terrace with a view over the village, higher price range.

Sidartha on the Rock, a new restaurant located 2 minutes away from your accommodation, interesting decor and large beer garden.

Restaurant El Pampano can be found on the Plaza del Vendimia, a short walk from the village square, a quiet location with a large terrace for excellent and affordable food.

Restaurant Las Esperillas (Canillas de Albaida) a popular restaurant with a large terrace, known for its 3-course lunch menus with a drink for € 8.50 p.p.

Restaurant Venta El Curro (Archez) this Argentinian meat restaurant is located outside the village of Archez, on the road to Corumbela. A must-eat for "meat lovers".

Restaurant La Hierba Buena offers Moroccan flavours, with a terrace and delicious Tajin dishes with fresh herbs. You can find it in a narrow alley opposite Bar Bodega.

Restarante Siddartha on the Rock can be found naer our accommodations. Sunny south-facing terrace with views over the hillsand very large beergarden.

Bar-Restaurant El Recreo, hidden behind the town hall of Cómpeta, with a quiet terrace on a small square.


The ancient and cosmopolitan Málaga still has its historical roots intact. In times long gone it testified to the origins of man and of the Mediterranean culture, today it is the main force in the Andalusian tourism industry, keeping alive its tradition of a hospitable and creative country.

The city of Málaga, located between the sea and the mountains, was a witness to the economic and cultural boom of the western Mediterranean. The city called Malaka by the Phoenicians was transformed into a thriving commercial centre. After the Muslim invasion of the 8th century, the area was Arabised and later became part of the Nasrid kingdom in Granada, as it underwent a new period of commercial and cultural prominence.

Málaga, on the coast where winter never comes; with an inland where nature is displayed in all its splendor. From the tops of the mountains you can watch the sunset until it disappears into the immense blue of the Mediterranean sea.