Hiking Trails in Andalucia

Hiking with route maps  

You can book a walking holiday in Spain alone or with 2 or more hikers, you go 'On the Path' without a guide with a Dutch route description, our advice and tips. Decide for yourself where and when you want to hike, at your own pace, and what time you want to leave for hiking routes through the Natural Park or the wider area of ​​the mountain village of Cómpeta. English route descriptions are also available from the Tourist Office.The routes are clearly marked with color-coded signs and arrows and you have the route description at hand.               

From your accommodation

A number of routes start directly from your accommodation or the terraces on the village square and can be combined or extended by yourself. Together with the signage , route descriptions, topo map , height and distance profiles , the walking routes are easy to follow for everyone. As an option we offer support packages with hiking map and transfers to/from hiking trails in the Natural Park or the villages in the area. More information in our quote & reservation request .       

Examples of some of the hiking trails in Andalusia

1. Introduction, 'walk-in route': Walking from the village square, past the olive oil factory, climbing to a forest path on the border of the Natural Park, walking along several routes further into the mountains and beautiful views over the village and the surrounding "white villages" of the Axarquia region . 

Length: 5,0 kms - Duration: 1,5 houres - Level: Light - Start point: 632 meters - Highest point: 820 meters

2. Circular walk: Walking, again from the village square of Cómpeta, via an ancient “ via pecuaria ” and irrigation canal, walking to a high point near the neighboring village of Canillas de Albaida , at the "gate" of the huge Tejeda mountains with the mountain La Maroma (2063m) and the chapel of Santa Ana as eye-catchers.  

Length: 4,0 kms - Duration: 1,0 houres - Level: - Comfortable - Start point: 632 meters - Highest point: 712 meters

3. Acequia Route: Walking along a narrow footpath directly from the core of Cómpeta, which still today largely runs along the centuries-old “ acequia ” (irrigation canal) from the Moorish era. The landscape you encounter on the route shows the village of Canillas de Albaida in depth and the impressive Tejeda Mountains with the mountain Maroma (2063m) against the clear blue sky as a beautiful backdrop. 

Length: 7,58 kms - Duration: 2,0 houres - Level: Light - Start point: 532 meters - Highest point: 840 meters

4. Gaviara Route: Walking from the Plaza de Vendimia. A gradual but continuously ascending dirt road takes you in about 35 minutes to the viewpoint of the Puerto del Collado (890m) from where you can see the majestic mountain Cerro Lucero (1779m) and the particularly rugged, surrounding mountains of the Natural Park .This route is ideal for trying to get a view of the Atlas Mountains in North Africa on clear days .    

Length: 10,41 kms - Duration: 3,0 houres - Level: Fairly Heavy - Start point: 632 meters - Highest point: 1.044 meters

5. Gavilán Route: Walking along Calle San Antonio, you reach the chapel of San Antón [LH] and start the hiking route, from Cómpeta to Canillas de Albaida , and the chapel of Santa Ana, at the gateway to the Tejeda Mountains. After approx. 1,500m you turn sharply right into an unpaved path which already leads you to the highest point ( 1,067m) to the Cruz de Canillas at the ancient Camino de Granada (mule route Málaga-Granada) and the adjacent ruin from Venta Maria will bring. Continued rising road until you get to Collado the Moyano crossing the affects road, the path to the left, you can go to the top of the mountain Gavillán hike (1.090m), where an observation tower of the fire is located.    

Length: 16.04 kms - Duration: 4.0 houres - Level: Comfortable - Start point: 632 meters - Highest point: 1.090 meters

6. Majadillas Route: For this beautiful walking route we will take you with the 4x4 all-terrain vehicle to the Puerto del Collado (890m) or Casa de la Mina. The road you walk on borders the northern side of the Loma del Dayre . Further up, you cross the Camino de Granada. This is part of the centuries old mule route between Málaga and Granada. You pass [R] three ruins of “ Ventas ”, (inns from a distant past), the Venta de Cándido, Venta Pradillos , later at the end of the path, the Venta Maria. Transfer costs: 15.00 

Length: 13,71 kms - Duration: 3,3 houres - Level: Comfortable - Start point: 632 meters - Highest point: 1.200 meters

7. Loma del Daire Route: For this walking route we will take you with the 4x4 all-terrain vehicle to the Puerto del Collado (890m) or a little further to Casa de la Mina. Then walk east on the wide, unpaved road, keep walking until the green, shady Barranco Juan Rojo comes into view [R]. After a sharp bend, you will see a narrow path on the left that rises via a firebreak while on the right you can see the contours of the mountains Los Bojes , the Three Crosses, El Cisne and Cerro Lucero (1779m). The path turns to the left and we see the Barranco de Juan Rojo in the depth while you enjoy the impressive view to the towns of Frigiliana and Nerja with the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. Transfer costs: 15.00  

Length: 11.08 kms - Duration: 2,3 houres - Level: Fairly Heavy - Start point: 632 meters - Highest point: 1.088 meters

8. Acebuchal Route: The walking of this route starts about 5 km south of Cómpeta. For this walking route we will take you, optionally with the 4x4 all-terrain vehicle, to the area of ​​El Pulido for a longer walk, or the Fabrica de Luz of Cómpeta on the Rio Torrox for a shorter walk. At the river crossing you cross the river there via the makeshift wooden bridge. Then the path continues for a few hundred meters through the tall plants and oleander bushes, turn right to walk in the direction of 'Acebuchal'. At a lonely spruce on the right side of the path, at the yellow marked 'cairn' you turn left onto a narrow and overgrown path and you reach the Puerto de Páez Blanca (720m) via a number of slopes . Continuing on this path you can already see the “lost” village “Acebuchal” on the other side of the valley! After a delicious lunch in the restaurant, you follow the route in a southerly direction, walking up and down past the chapel back to the river. We will pick you up from the restaurant in Achebuchal or the river. Transfer costs: 25.00 there & back.    

Length: 11.34 kms - Duration: 4,0 houres -  Level: Comfortable - Start point: 632 meters - Highest point: 780 meters

9. El Lucero Route: 

One of the 'hiking highlights' for experienced walkers during a walking holiday in Andalusia, is the ascent to the top of the Pico del Lucero (1774m) with 1.590 vertical meters. This mountain has a very characteristic shape and can be clearly distinguished from Málaga airport. At the top is a ruin of a Guardia Civil lookout from the time of the Spanish Civil War. From the ruins, you have a fantastic view to the Sierra Nevada, the "white villages" of the Axarquia region and the contours of the Riff Mountains in North Africa on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. 

This excellently signposted walking route starts at the Fabrica de Luz of Canillas de Albaida (560m) possibly with free transfer) and you walk for 5.6 km through the beautiful valley of the Cueva del Melero with many flowers and plants in 1.5 hours to the Puerto Blanquillo (1203m). From there you climb via an ascending route, initially a narrow path, then over a wide, unpaved path, later becoming a narrow donkey path, of 5.7 km. you climb via the Puerto de Cómpeta (1440m) and the Raspon de los Moriscos in 2 hours, 15 minutes and 680 height meters, to the top of the Pico del Lucero (1774m). On this route we see many mountain goats, often with young goats.    

On the way back from the top, in 2 hours you will descend via the same route, passing the Puerto de Cómpeta and Puerto Blanquillo . There you turn left into the dry river and you walk via the old mule route between Granada and Málaga, past the ruins of three ' Ventas ' (inns) via the Cruz de Canillas 9.1 km in 2.5 hours back to Cómpeta .

Length: 26,1 kms - Duration: 8 houres + - Level: Average +++ - Start point: 695 meters - Highest point: 1.774 meters

This route can be found on the Wikiloc website: Powered by Wikiloc  

Hiking with GPS

Challenging walking routes to walk in Spain with GPS data, through the most beautiful landscapes of Andalusia and the Axarquia region and the highest mountains of the Natural Park , you can also download yourself from www.wandermap.net and wikiloc.com or Alltracks.com .