About me

Albert DikhooffI first visited Cómpeta in October 1994. It was on a trip to Estepona on the Costa del Sol. Initially I was looking for a holiday home there, but after spending the night in Cómpeta and watching the Andalusian pace of life of the residents on a terrace under the clear blue sky in the sun, I decided that Cómpeta should become my new home! I bought one of the largest houses in the village, the former Guardia Civil post, including the stable for the mules and converted it into holiday accommodation.

Prior to this, I worked for years as a director at a large multinational. First in Europe, later also in Australia, Singapore, Tokyo and Madrid. In 1992 during my time in Tokyo, I was involved in a plane crash in Faro while on leave with my family in Portugal. My wife, youngest daughter and son-in-law died, I myself barely survived the disaster with serious injuries. I was hospitalised for months before returning to Tokyo. After my transfer to Madrid in 1994, it turned out that the disaster had hit me more severely than initially thought and unfortunately I could not continue working.

Back to my first visit to Cómpeta in 1994 and the purchase of what is now Mesón La Hospedería. After the purchase, I renovated the house in 5 months with a local contractor; new roofs and floors, electricity and plumbin. I felt completely at home in village life and, also to deal with what had happened to me, I focused entirely on the restoration. In doing so, I tried to maintain the unique style elements of the earlier renovation in 1920 as much as possible and to preserve the typical atmosphere of an old mansion in Andalusia clearly visible in the house bar and the patio.

In the spring of 1995 I started with the rental of accommodation and guiding. First for walkers and later also for cyclists.. In 2005 I expanded my accommodation with the construction of Granada Residénce, around the corner from Mesón La Hospedería where two luxury studio apartments have been created; Tokyo and Singapore, decorated in the style of both places where I previously lived and worked.

Today and a few years older, I still do this with great enthusiasm and pleasure. I would therefore love to welcome you for a walking or cycling holiday in the white village of Cómpeta at the gate of the Tejda, Almijara & Alhama nature park!


Albert Dikhooff